Your phone is your Shield, and your WiFi empowers it.

Smart WiFi routers for smarter venues. Our WiFi routers helps your visitors experience your venue right from their phones. Ensuring they stay contactless and safe at when they visit.


Shops, Cafés and Restaurants

Complete Hyper-local ordering for Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and Bars, lets your visitos browse items and order right from their phones. Loyalty points, filtered coupons and targeted marketing comes with it too.

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Biometrics especially finger print scanners are as good as kissing an infected person. Our Smart WiFi routers help offices, co-working spaces, factories implement contactless attendance systems. We do presence detection and not attendance system, which means we not only detect when guests came and let, but exactly how long they stay productive.

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Keeping your Community Safe

As per WHO Contact tracing is most important for breaking the chains of transmission of an infectious disease. Thus is an essential public health tool for controlling infection. Our WiFi implements automated, non-intrusive contact tracing of all the users, ready for Govt Agencies to use and implement containment strategies.

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Contactless In-Store Ordering

Hyper-local ordering service for Store, Cafes, Restaurants. Go contactless and stay safe.

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"In these crazy times, ordering through the phone has washed away fears of our restaurant partners of losing out on business. We cannot thank you enough!"
Yandisa Konecta Digital
cnctdwifi contacless Store ordering

Safest way to order

In these crazy times, roaming around in a store or ordering from paper(book) based menus (at Cafes and Restaurants) do not instil confidence, while our Phone is the most trusted. We leverage that to lets your guests browse through the menu and place orders. Waiters and other staff are automatically notified when an order in placed.

Marketing ++

Understand yur guets and their needs betetr. Know who your hight customers are and how much each of them pay. Curate your outreach on that basis.

No-touch Attendance

Prevent a crisis from spreading Virals of all forms spreading by contacting Biometric scanners. Now just log times of employees by monitoring their time spent being connected to your Wifi network..

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"A great replacement to existing attendance management software with enhanced features to improve productivity of employees. We are #COVIDSafe thanks to this."
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Ahmed Elfeky Director of Flysocial WiFi
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Control the spread

Prevent a crisis from spreading Virals of all forms spreading by contacting Biometric scanners. Now just log times of employees by monitoring their time spent being connected to your Wifi network.

Automated efficiency engine

Improve the efficiency of your office staff by having a control over their distractions. Prevent the websites which can distract staff from being sincere enough with their work.

Contact Tracing

Monitor minute by minute movement of every connected user through our high tech technology within the premises network.

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"Quite an interesting feature, it will go a long way in identifying the infected person and those they came in contact with. A must have for for large venues like Malls, Airports etc."
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Christina Head of Commercials
cnctd WiFi Contact Tracing

Seamless and automatic

A great feature for backtracking details of traveling asymptomatic patients within crowded locations and providing details of potientially in contact people.

Built-in anonymity

Our feature is built to enhance the layers of tracking infected pateints for the greater good of our human race.

Experience revolutionary new wifi.

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