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Trusted by the WiFi brands world over

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Connect and forget WiFi routers. Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside.

PS: cnctd as in connected

cnctd AC WiFi router

Unbeatable performance

Our battle tested wifi routers ensure amazing experience for wifi users even under extreme load.

Single point of control

Truly cloud controlled network. Monitor and control your network from anywhere, no matter how big your network is.


Fully multi lingual controller and wifi login pages which comes with support for English, French and Spanish. German and Portugese to come soon.

Native advertising

Create you own Image or video ads and show them to wifi users, before (or after ) they login into wifi.

Integrated Marketing

Not just analytics but a window to your users. Know who the are, when they come, when they return and everything in the middle.

Trigger based marketing

You can even trigger marketing campaings as users set foot inside your wifi enabled venue.

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HaloWiFi half circle

Unbeatable hardware for your unbeatable network

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WiFi Router.

Superior hardware also ensure our wifi routers can be used as gateways to connect many wifi routers to it, which is a great way to extend coverage of our authentication system to already deployed wifi network.

Single point of control.

No matter how large or small your network is, always control everything from a single point of access. You can start small with just a few wifi routers and scale up to any size, everything will scale up automatically.

Control your network from one place, from anywhere in the world

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Trigger based marketing.

Trigger a customized email or an sms to your guests when they connect to wifi and/or send them a thank you email when they leave. You can even apply filter to the emails and sms so that you can share targeted offers based on their gender, age and how frequently they visit.

Welcome guests with offers and thank them when they leave

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Location Services.

Our API based location service lets you and your applications know exactly where and which venue your website visitors are connecting from. So if users go to your website you can know if they are connected to your wifi infrastructure, if yes then from which venue. This information can go a long way in offering customized location based offers and services, right from your website and applications.

API service based location service.

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The App Ecosystem

All of our features, be it WiFi login process, marketing, advertising or even location services have been implemented using APIs. These APIs are available for any 3rd party developers to use and implement their own features. Which means anyone can make their own custom apps/features which integrates seamlessly with everything else in the cloud controller.

These APIs are well documented and our technical team is always there for support.

Create your own custom APPs which automatically and completely integrates with the cloud controller

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What HaloWiFi users say about us.

Little collins is my favourite café in the whole world, they recently switched to HaloWiFi and now I get magically connected every single time I walk in. No fuss WiFi :)

A great company to deal with, amazing support and forever improving cloud platform. I must have tried most of the white-label Wi-Fi services out there. HaloWiFi is absolutely the best there is. Well designed, great features and customer support to die for. We love it all!.